Blood Supplies need a ‘High Jump’ ahead of London Olympics

Posted on May 10, 2012 by Aoife Manahan

In an appeal to boost much-needed blood supplies to 30% this summer, the National Health Service are encouraging the British public to donate by implementing an innovative, and rather quirky, health awareness campaign.

Calling on all blood types, and those whose types are unknown, eight donors paraded the streets of London by sporting unusual attire – the circulatory system. Also stamped by blood type, the contributing mini-mob used body ‘art-ery’ to grab attention at various locations across the city and provide information and direction to the public on how and where to donate.

The initiative was carried out to raise awareness of the much needed increase in blood supply levels ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games taking place this summer, where there will be an unusually high level of public events and international visitors with various blood types.