Top 9 after 9am: 28th July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am


Senior official warned budget cuts could put patients at risk (Irish Indepedent)

The top official in the Department of Health privately warned against excessive cutting in its budget for fear of placing patient safety at risk. Ambrose McLoughlin, Secretary General at the Department of Health, stated clearly in an official letter that €108m in payroll savings identified on Budget day last October were not achievable.

State facing €1 billion bill for medical negligence claims (Irish Times)

Official Department of Health briefing material maintains that the number of clinical claims under active management by the State Claims Agency increased from 1,792 at the end of 2012 to 3,061 at the end of 2013.

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Top 9 after 9am: 25th July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am


Darkness ‘key to breast treatment’ (Irish Independent)

Research published in the journal of Cancer Research suggests that exposure to light at night makes breast cancer resistant to the widely used hormonal therapy tomoxifen. Such exposure shuts off night time production of the hormone melatonin which is “vital” for the success of this drug therapy.

Sunshine vitamin can boost cancer survival (Irish Independent)

Patients with the highest levels of vitamin D – known as the sunshine vitamin – have half the risk of dying compared with those with the lowest levels of the same vitamin. Scientists from Trinity College Dublin and the University of Edinburgh analysed data from almost 1,600 patients treated for non-metastatic bowel cancer – a form of the disease which has not spread to other parts of the body.

Top 9 after 9am: 24th July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am


Health and Ireland – the data which reveals a true picture of our health (Irish Examiner)

The Irish Examiner published results from a data-mining exercise revealing the health of each county in Ireland across 2o different categories. Death rates from breast cancer are highest in Waterford, while Limerick City has the highest infant mortality rate.

Secondary infertilty a growing problem (Irish Health)

An increasing number of Irish couples are having difficulty conceiving a second or subsequent child. The condition, known as secondary infertility, is more common than not being able to conceive at all, and is estimated to account for six out of 10 infertility cases in Ireland.

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Top 9 after 9am: 23nd July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

pregnant stomach

Epidural may cut depression risk, study finds (Irish Times)

New research from China has found that those who have an epidural for pain relief during labour during a normal birth have a lower rate of depression than those who go without.

‘Pathogenic connection’ between cancer and autoimmune disorders (Medical News Today)

Research just published in the journal PLOS ONE demonstrates tumor cells and the cells implicated in autoimmune diseases both express the same inhibitors of cell destruction.

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Top 9 after 9am: 22nd July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

9@9 pic

Research offers fertility hope to women who must take anti-cancer drugs  (Irish Independent)

HARI, the national fertility centre at the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, has been given research funding to develop a new technology which could see women who are undergoing chemotherapy freeze their ovarian tissue in the clinic.

Trinity plays key role in global schizophrenia breakthrough (Irish Times)

As part of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, research carried out in Trinity College Dublin has found 108 locations in the genome associated with schizophrenia. These findings have the potential to kickstart development of new treatments for the psychiatric disorder.

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Top 9 after 9am: 21st of July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

21st Jul

System faces overhaul after psychiatric hospital deaths (Irish Independent)

The number of deaths at mental health services in Carlow-Kilkenny/South Tipperary now totals at least 13 since August 2011 and includes three suicides of in-patients by the same means.

Social media driving rise in complaints to GMC: report (The Telegraph)

Complaints to the doctors’ regulator the General Medical Council have doubled in five years with patients discussing their treatment on Twitter and Facebook identified as one of the main drivers.

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Top 9 after 9am: 17th of July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

17th July

Reports into deaths of kids in care (Irish Health)

The Child and Family Agency (Tusla) has insisted that the way in which the State responds to vulnerable young people has ‘radically changed’. It made its comments following the publication of reports into the deaths of four young people. A report into a fifth death was not published at the request of the deceased’s family.

Childhood obesity and mental health are key concerns for paediatricians (Irish Medical Times)

A significant 62 per cent of Irish paediatricians who are members of the  Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) Ireland say they are treating more children in their clinic who are overweight or obese than they did two years ago.

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Top 9 after 9am: 15th of July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

15th July

Novel approach to helping long-term smokers (Health Canal)

A novel program to identify and support long-term smokers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is being trialled by Australian researchers.

We’re genetically linked to our friends (CNN)

“Looking across the whole genome, we find that on average, we are genetically similar to our friends,” said James Fowler, “We have more DNA in common with the people we pick as friends than we do with strangers in the same population.”

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Top 9 after 9am: 14th of July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

14th July

Patient no-shows ‘cost HSE €210k a day’ (Irish Examiner)

More than 1,300 patients do not show up for hospital appointments every day, costing the Health Service more than €210,000 daily. New figures published in the Irish Independent show that more than a fifth of return patients fail to keep follow-up appointments in some hospitals.

Blood cancer survival varies across Europe (Irish Health)

The five-year survival rate for most cancers of the blood has increased over the last decade, however survival rates still vary greatly throughout Europe and this is most likely because of differences in the quality of treatment available, a new study has found.

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Top 9 after 9am: 10th of July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

10th July

Psychiatric nurses considering industrial action (Irish Examiner)

The Psychiatric Nurses Association will ballot its members on industrial action this evening in response to understaffing and concerns for patient care at UCHG. The group will gather in Galway tonight to consider the ongoing dispute at the hospital’s 45 bed acute unit.

GP fees vary wildly from county to county (Irish Independent)

Family doctors in Portumna in Galway, which has four GPs, offer the cheapest visit at just under €30, while it is most expensive in Dublin, a survey of 650 surgeries revealed. Leitrim has the lowest average price per visit at €39.17 with doctors in Meath asking for around €39.38 and their colleagues in Donegal charging €41.19.

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Top 9 after 9am: 9th of July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

9th July

Too few people testing homes for radon (Irish Health)

Some 181 homes with high levels of the cancer-causing gas, radon, have been detected in Ireland in the past eight months, including four homes which had levels that were 10-22 times over the acceptable limit, the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) has said.

Embryos screened for Cystic Fibrosis (Irish Examiner)

Around 10 couples are using a fertility service, recently available in Ireland, that screens embryos for genetic conditions.  Recently, the first birth in Ireland following a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis was carried out in an Irish fertility clinic.

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Top 9 after 9am: 8th of July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

8th july

Alzheimer’s research in ‘major step’ towards blood test (BBC)

British scientists have made a “major step forward” in developing a blood test to predict the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Research in more than 1,000 people has identified a set of proteins in the blood which can predict the start of the dementia with 87% accuracy.

Reilly wants higher pay for doctors returning to Ireland (Irish Independent)

A starting salary of €116,000 for a doctor beginning his or her career as a consultant compares well with the wages offered abroad although experienced specialists who return to take up jobs here should be paid more, Health Minister James Reilly has said.

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Top 9 after 9am: 7th of July 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

7th July

Mental health group’s plea to UN over visits (Irish Independent)

It said relatives have been barred from visiting their loved ones when they asked questions about their care and is lobbying for new legislation to protect patients and relatives from breaches of their human rights.

New Health minister ‘must be a champion for a reinvigorated’ service (Irish Examiner)

The Irish Pharmacy Union has made up a wish list for the new Health Minister. Among their suggestions is expanding the role of pharmacists; exempting vulnerable groups from paying the medical card prescription levy; educating prescribers and consumers about generic medicines and imposing a levy on tobacco companies.

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