eDetail Development

E-detailing is becoming the new norm in pharmaceutical sales and marketing as companies look to new strategies to deal with an increasing number of ‘rep inaccessible’ healthcare professionals and new methods of engaging customers, enhancing the work of the sales team and adding value in each call.

Research shows that effective e-detailing can lead to longer sales calls (up to six times longer) and an increase in HCPs intention to prescribe.

Interactive graphs, engaging videos, eye-catching animations and references on demand are just a few ways in which electronic detailing can allow you to increase the impact your marketing messages and maximise each sales opportunity.

iPad e-detailing also has an added benefit of minimal system startup time, avoiding valuable time lost during physician calls. In addition closed loop marketing (CLM) platforms allow pharmaceutical companies to control material centrally, updating all versions efficiently and accurately.

A strategically developed e-detail aid can become a virtual briefcase for your sales representatives – replacing printed details, clinical paper re-prints and reams of other marketing collateral to ensure that regardless of the situation, all brand materials can be accessed with the swipe of a finger!

Why Publicis D Healthcare for your e-detailing project?

  • Our team are healthcare marketing and communications experts. We combine top-tier design and development experience with expert industry insight which means we deliver e-detailing solutions that really make an impact.
  • We have demonstrable experience in developing edetailing solutions across multiple CRM platforms. We don’t outsource edetail development which means our in-house experts are always on hand to assist you throughout the approval process and deployment phase. We can also provide the necessary training to ensure that your sales force can make the most of interactive digital details.
  • We are not just a digital agency. Our team have managed PR campaigns, manned stands at healthcare professional events, presented to and engaged with sales teams. We know the issues your sales teams face. We understand the challenges and limitations at play. We deliver e-details that work not just on screen, in theory but in real-life situations in wards and surgeries around Ireland.
  • Due to the breadth of the Publicis Healthcare Communications Group we have the ability to collaborate and problem-solve with our peers to optimise any aspect of your e-detail.
  • Our work in e-detailing to date has varied from localising and enhancing existing global brand resources to conceptualising, designing and developing e-detail aids ‘from scratch’ for local brand use. Our team can assist you at any stage of the e-detailing process and tailor the project to your available budget.