Breaking the Cycle of Suicide

Celebrities nationwide are joining forces to encourage the Irish public to “Break the Cycle” and heighten awareness of suicide within the Emerald Isle. Through an emotive video, familiar faces (including model Roz Purcell and rugby analyst Brent Pope) hearten viewers to take part in the upcoming Cycle Against Suicide. Continue Reading →

Irish Skin Foundation logo

Publicis D Healthcare Awarded Irish Skin Foundation Contract

Publicis D Healthcare has announced that is has been awarded the PR and marketing contract for the Irish Skin Foundation, a newly-formed, independent organisation set up to support people with skin conditions in Ireland. The Foundation brings together three existing organisations – the Psoriasis Association of Ireland, the Irish Eczema Society and the Melanoma and Skin Cancer Society. Continue Reading →

Reviving Relationships in 2013

EU policy, health, Government, public affairs

A new focus required for effective stakeholder engagement

Patient View Quarterly this week released new research on stakeholder engagement based 600 international, national and regional patient groups from 56 countries (72% of 2012 responses came from patient organisations in the EU giving a very definite European flavour to the work).

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‘Forget your health’, drinking will ruin your good looks

A new way of thinking

Alcohol awareness campaigners are considering a new approach to tackling the so-called ‘binge drinking issue’ among young people. The traditional campaigns focusing on key messages around associated liver, heart, and general health risks appear to be on the verge of falling out of favour with some (for the meantime at least). Continue Reading →

An austerity budget doesn’t mean targeting those in most need

With the dreaded Budget 2013 now only hours away, we consider the likely impact of Government cuts to the health spend for 2013.

Budget 2013

Over the last number of days, the Government have been frantically finalising the particulars of the forthcoming Budget 2013. We are told that while the Trokia (EU, IMF, and ECB) have dictated the overall scale of the measures, it is believed that the coalition parties have made most of the choices, in terms of “where” and “how” to cut. However, despite the spin, the impotence of our Government is all too clear.  Continue Reading →

Ireland’s Insistence Still Lunacy


Despite a push for equality, people impacted by mental illness are still victims of discrimination.  

A 140 year old act imposed under British rule is still in existence despite outcries over its discriminatory nature.

Signed into law by Queen Victoria and under the Government of William Gladstone, the Lunacy Regulation (Ireland) Act of 1871 defines people of ill mental health as an ‘idiot, lunatic or of unsound mind’.

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Doctor-Rating Websites – the future of patient-lead healthcare?

Accessing our GP

Is choosing a GP based on the proximity of their surgery to your home or work place, personal previous experience, or the experience of family or friends a thing of the past? Are we now taking the “word of mouth” tool to a new level through the ever-increasing use of “doctor-rating websites”? The British Medical Journal (BMJ) Open has recently published results of a study on this very topic, entitled “Who is more likely to use doctor-rating websites, and why? A cross-sectional study in London”. Continue Reading →

Publicis D Healthcare pick up award for Lean on Me – to Win Campaign

The 2012 Irish Healthcare Awards, which took place on November 1st, saw Publicis D Healthcare pick up the award for ‘Best Patient Education Project – Pharmaceutical’ for depression awareness campaign ‘Lean on Me – to Win’, in partnership with Lundbeck Ireland. Continue Reading →

Overuse of sedatives and anti-depressants – A common societal problem?

Another overly sensational story?

Is this merely another overly sensational story? Well, not according to the recently published 2010/2011 National Advisory Committee in Drugs (NACD) survey . In addition to revealing that the use of sedatives and anti-depressants has increased by 40 per cent in the last five years, the survey shows that the “main offenders” come from both extremes of the social divide. Those classified under the survey as A, i.e. professional, senior management and top civil servants, provided 18 per cent of the sample, while those classified under the survey as E, i.e. all those dependent on the State long-term, provided a further 19 per cent of the total sample. Continue Reading →

Derek Chambers, Director of Programmes, Inspire Ireland

“Mental health is a fundamental part of the human condition, part of all of us for better or worse – we need to remind ourselves of that, it’s about all of us.”

Derek Chambers (MA Sociology) is Director of Programmes at Inspire Ireland and a doctoral student in the School of Applied Social Studies in UCC. A former deputy head of the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention, he managed the recent public mental health campaign, Your Mental Health, and was lead author of the national suicide prevention strategy. Continue Reading →

First, do no harm… but then what? New guidance issued to medics on ethical interaction with industry

For generations of medics, Hippocrates’ oath to “first, do no harm” was thought sufficient guidance to ensure that those trusted with caring for and treating society’s weakest and most vulnerable operated to appropriately high standards.

Interesting timing then, that amidst ongoing and fraught negotiations over the excesses of consultants’ pay in Ireland (with strong resistance from interest groups), instability in the Ministerial management of health and in the midst of a glut of bureaucratic and ill-defined guidance from regulatory authorities that yet more advice for medics on “Relationships between doctors and industry” was last week issued by the Irish Medical Council.

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The overstated demise of print media in Ireland?

The release of figures showing  current trends in newspaper readership is particularly timely in the week that follows google’s move to take out advertising space in newspapers, to illustrate their position that “traditional” adverts no longer work. Continue Reading →

Dr Shane McKeogh and Dr Darach Ó Ciardha –

We hope that the provision of this comprehensive online resource to all healthcare professionals will allow for more efficient communication between all those involved in patient care in Ireland

In this week’s ‘Expert Insights’ we chatted to Dr Shane McKeogh and Dr Darach Ó Ciardha, founders of We asked them to update us on the latest site developments and also got their unique take on use of digital media in primary care and pharmaceutical marketing. Continue Reading →