Donal Murphy, Pfizer Healthcare


Publicis D Healthcare did a excellent job at my recent brand meeting.  The innovation, creativity and design work as always was first class.  The team really enjoyed the meeting and the feedback has been very positive.  I had no hesitation in suggesting the Publicis team to the other business leaders and again, the feedback had been excellent.”

        Donal Murphy, European Brand Director, Pfizer Healthcare Ireland

Pharma companies are still nervous about social media, but what’s holding them back?

Pharma companies are still nervous about social media, but what’s holding them back?

Many Pharma companies have expressed a reluctance or nervousness towards engaging in social media activities. There have been several reasons for this reluctance and we are slowly seeing a resolution to some of these issues. Firstly, there were concerns over the broadcasting of marketing messages to the public. The answer to this has been simple: the guidelines for communication through traditional forms of marketing still stand. In Europe this means no communication of prescription drugs can be aimed at the public. However general company messages and certain over-the-counter (OTC) or non-prescription drug communication is permissible. As a result, companies brave enough to have a social media presence have done so by having a company-based page and posting about their philanthropic efforts, what it’s like to work there and unbiased articles about their company.

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Caroline Cullen, Irish Heart Foundation


“…a great result! We really enjoyed the buzz of it all yesterday… really appreciated the opportunity to be part of it, especially on smoking too, quite often I think people forget that it’s a big no-no for heart disease as well.”

- Caroline Cullen, Communications Manager, Irish Heart Foundation

You Can Quit With Help

To mark World No Tobacco Day, the Irish Heart Foundation and Pfizer Healthcare Ireland have launched a new campaign to help those struggling to quit smoking whilst raising funds for the charity. Continue Reading →

Top 9 after 9am: 10th May 2012

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

Half of all men will be obese by 2040, claim experts (Irish Independent)

Nurses call for dramatic increase in mental-health spend (Irish Examiner) Continue Reading →

Top 9 After 9am: 13th March, 2012

Top 9 Health News Stories After 9am

Put a price sticker on drugs to cut NHS costs []

Red meat is blamed for one in 10 early deaths [The Telegraph]

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Life after the Patent Expires

Pfizer Inc in the US is defying tradition and is tackling the generics head on in an effort to retain the cholesterol-conquering crown for its biggest blockbuster Lipitor, which loses patent protection this week. Continue Reading →