Top 9 after 9am: 25th of April 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

25th Apr

Doctors not equipped to help patients quit smoking (Irish Independent)

A new study has found less than a third of them are even aware of Quitline, the national no-smoking helpline. It also found high rates of smoking among HSE support staff, with 24.7pc of these grades lighting up compared to 21.7pc of the general population.

Malaria vaccine trials on humans said to be ‘very promising’ (Irish Examiner)

It is hoped that combining the vaccine with others in development may lead to one that could prevent malaria. The vaccine is regarded as a valuable addition to malaria control and is part of the World Health Organisation’s roadmap, updated to include two new strategic goals to be met by 2030.

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Top 9 after 9am: 14th of February 2014

Top 9 Irish Health News Stories after 9am

14th Feb

Gene discovery could aid schizophrenia, bipolar (Irish Health)

Wait list for youth mental aid services up 24% (Irish Examiner)

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Top 9 After 9am: 12th June, 2012

Top 9 health news stories after 9am

Website linking patients in Ireland and UK to Parkinson’s trials is launched [Irish Independent]

Dental plaque-cancer link []

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You Can Quit With Help

To mark World No Tobacco Day, the Irish Heart Foundation and Pfizer Healthcare Ireland have launched a new campaign to help those struggling to quit smoking whilst raising funds for the charity. Continue Reading →