Top 9 after 9am: 21st May 2012

Posted on May 21, 2012 by Aoife Manahan

Top 9 Health News Stories after 9am

Facebook diagnosed life-threatening illness in boy, doctors misdiagnosed (Daily Mail Health)

Snoring ‘can raise cancer risk five-fold’ new research says (Irish Independent)

25% jump in 6-12 month ops wait (

Special Delivery Unit chief Tony O’Brien defends hospital wait times (RTE News)

Cheap drug ‘cuts need for blood transfusions’ (The Telegraph)

Avoid Foods with Saturate Fats to Shove Off Alzheimer’s Risk (French Tribune)

Statins ‘prevent cancer’ in transplant patients (The Telegraph)

Long-Term Respiratory Problems Likely In Children Exposed To Tobacco Smoke (Medical News Today)

Cheap amoebic dysentery drug ‘promising’ (BBC News)