What we do

We know healthcare marketing is different. We understand the regulations and market sensitivites and work to turn challenges into business opportunities.

Whilst we work hard to ensure we’re always on top of the latest trend, we don’t follow them for the sake of it…We focus on tools and tactics that will deliver results for your brand/service and your target audience.

Risk vs. Reward

We are aware you need to demonstrate real return on investment which is why we take measurability seriously.

We will work with you to identify clear objectives and pin-point how each tactic will be evaluated.

We believe in risk and reward and are happy to put our income at risk. The more we are in control, the more of our income we are willing to put at risk.

Cost-effective services

Within the Publicis D Healthcare team we have all the expertise required to conceptualise and implement a successful campaign for you. This means our clients can expect less hassle, faster turnaround times and greater cost savings.

We offer…